With the coming of many investors and expatriate workers to Ethiopia, and with the issuance of different laws to regulate the employee and employer relationship, the need for best law firms equipped with top rated lawyers; having the right information, technical knowledge and super communication skill at their fingertips has become an imminent demand for employees and employers in Ethiopia.

Getnet Yawkal Law Office being the best legal service provider in Ethiopia, is committed in helping you find the best possible way outs, by drafting quality legal documents; rendering sound legal advises and representing you in a court of law.


  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts (i.e. definite and/or indefinite period employment contracts)
  • Preparing┬álegal and regulatory compliance checklists
  • Drafting and reviewing collective agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing managerial employee contracts
  • Processing resident permit
  • Drafting and reviewing employment benefit plans
  • Drafting and reviewing work rules
  • Drafting and reviewing settlement and release agreements
  • Representation/ Litigating
  • Drafting and reviewing independent contractor agreements
  • Processing work permits
  • Advising and issuing legal opinions and memorandums
  • Extracting police clearance certificates for former expatriates