Intellectual properties are valuable asset of a business that require better protection. Founded by a former Trademark and Industrial Design Protection and Administration Expert and Trademark and Industrial Design Examiner for the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office “EIPO”, Getnet Yawkal Law office, offers the legal skills and expertise, trainings and hands-on EIPO experience of its Principal Attorney, Mr. Getnet Yawkal, to assist you in protecting your inventions and minor inventions in Ethiopia.


  • Filing patent applications including priority right applications
  • Filing patent of introduction applications
  • Filing utility model applications
  • Filing for compulsory licenses
  • Filing conversion of patent to utility model right
  • Filing conversion of utility model to patent right
  • Inspecting records and documents of EIPO & extracting copies
  • Maintaining registrations (renewal and/or extension of registrations)
  • Amending applications
  • Amending registrations(e.g. change of name and/or address)
  • Reply to official actions of the EIPO
  • Reply to and filing opposition
  • Instituting infringement proceedings
  • Instituting appeal proceeding in the EIPO appeal committee and Federal Courts of Ethiopia
  • Advising and issuing legal memorandums, advises and opinion on patent, patent of introduction, utility model laws and practices of Ethiopia